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Visitors to Iceland have for centuries marvelled at it's magnificent and unspoiled beauty. We offer tailor-made small tours that create a perfect, intimate atmosphere for travelers and photography enthusiasts.  Asgeir, your native guide, will set out show you the essence of Iceland: the simple charm of picturesque villages, the grandeur of narrow fjords and rawness of a nature unlike any other. 

Asgeir Bollason

Lead guide and founder

“The Icelandic Westfjords lie just beneath the Arctic Circle and during the summer it benefits from an abundance of natural light. This gives us the opportunity to explore all day and/ or all night, so be prepared to challenge yourself and have fun doing what you love  - exploring !

Strandsel Iceland Tours was established to bring the experience of Iceland to travelers and photography enthusiasts who wish to enjoy an extended period of exploring Iceland's landscape, history, geography and food. 


We operate a small number of exclusive tours annually to some of Iceland's most remote and dramatic locales. Wether it is steep fjords, mountain scenery, volcanic beaches, pristine glaciers with mirror-like lagoons, or walking in and around geologic formations and enjoying serene abandoned remote farmsteads.


Ásgeir's emphasis will be sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with you. A small group of participants, never more than eight, assures a more personal and hands-on experience. 

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Don’t be misled by “Iceland,” as the climate can be quite mild during the spring and the summer seasons. However, the weather can change dramatically over the course of a day, creating some spectacular and unique lighting conditions.  


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